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 My love for bass fishing goes back to the early ‘70’s when one piece jumpsuits and Bill Dance were the hottest things going! 40 years of chasing bass, trying every new bait that hit the market, adjusting the angles of spinner bait arms to removing strands of skirting from my jigs, it only seemed natural to start making my own baits. I watched and learned from several bait makers and jig tiers, bought baits and took them apart to see what was so special or not so special about them.

10 years after “tying” my first jig, I have decided to bring my love of jigs to other up and coming anglers and hopefully save them a little bit of money. I have fished with every jig style known to modern man and dissected its attributes and applied this knowledge to a select few styles of heads that I feel cover 90% of the jig fisher’s water choice.

Banded skirts are great for trying different colors on the fly while fishing, but lack durability and a loss of realism due to the wide rubber collar that holds the skirt in place. I have developed methods of tying that will add or reduce flare of the materials used, emulating a crayfish or bait fish respectively. Simply put, I know what will catch bass! I am by no means a “professional” fisherman, but I have spent many hours on/in the water, with some very fine fishermen who were kind enough to enlighten and share with me, some time and money saving tips about jig fishing and both largemouth and small mouth bass. From the hooks I use to the materials I tie into the skirts, nothing but the finest components are used! Thank you for choosing AFS Custom Baits…helping you to tell:

Another Fish Story

Terry W. Anderson