"AFS Custom Jigs gives me the confidence I need to know I can go behind anyone and catch fish. Hand tied skirts and Custom colors... you just can't go wrong! Pick a few up and see the difference."

Jacob Wheeler

Just wanted to thank Terry at AFS custom baits for putting some nice bass in the boat for me this last year. I told Terry what I was looking for in a jig head, type of hook, weedguard, and what color combinations and Terry came up with some outstanding jigs. One of my favorites is his bumble bee color combination that helped me place a second in a bass tournament this year. Ive talked with Terry several times on the phone and he truely is very helpful and just a very nice person. I consider Terry a friend and have finally found a custom jig maker that I will be using for life. My son and i want to thank you,

Bill And Tyler Roy.........

So whats the hype? I'll tell you what the hype is! Ever looked at a jig and thought that jig would be awsome if it just had a some gold, red, purple or whatever color in it? Or I'd buy that if the hook was bigger, smaller, or a different brand? AFS can give you exactly what we picky fisherman are looking for!

Before the IBC classic Terry made me a sweet color that I had a hunch would be awsome. The first hour or so of the classic started off with 4lber from under a dock on that jig. Day one we were in the lead. On day two our bite changes over to a tube. Well, guess who made all our tube inserts? AFS had a big part on our classic win this year. Terry has made me so far a box full of jigs, a bunch of tube inserts, a couple Boto buzzes (OMG you gotta try one of these), and now that winter has hit AFS is in the process of making me some hair jigs.

I like AFS jigs because they are hand tied so the skirt doesn't slide down easily, and I feel it gives a much better flare of the strands. They use mustad hooks with ultra-points so the tip won't roll over or dull easily. If you are looking for a great product at a price that is more than fair.... AFS! So far all of these baits have been fish catching machines and I can't wait til next season!

Jeff Pontius

Went to Guntersville last weekend and caught 24 Bass 14 were keepers and 10 Stripers on the Storyteller. This picture is of the biggest itís about 7lbs. -Todd Driver 01/03/2012
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