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Many a sleepless night has been spent pondering the next day's decisions. Jigs? Worms? Crankbaits? Pre-spawn? on and so on. I too have tied and re-tied baits after initially going to bed, getting back up, checking the barometer, moon phase, solunar tables, and even the latest fishing reports. There are some of us anglers who instinctively know when and what to fish and where to fish it at. They rise to the top of their game and become "Pros" at the sport because of their ability to make those decisions in a heartbeat when the "average Joe" is stilling hauling water in buckets, one cast at a time. I have been fortunate to have fished with some excellent anglers, men, women and children who have fish coursing through their veins. A few of those I have invited to be a "Pro Staff" member for AFS Custom Baits. They will have either fished with, won tournaments with or had exceptional days on the water with the baits we have here for you, or they would not have been invited. As they honor me with their acceptance and endorsement, they will enlighten us all from time to time with an article we will be sending in the form of a newsletter to all who have registered on our site. They will share with us "on the water" experiences and why they chose their bait for that day and how they used it to make the most of their precious time on the water. I hope that from time to time, you too will email us with your own fish story. At AFS Custom Baits, our mission has been and always will be, to help YOU tell:

Another Fish  Story

Terry W. Anderson

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